Regional Housing Authority of Sutter and Nevada Counties

Healthy families and a healthy community require clean, quality housing.


Rethinking Public Housing

Now Accepting Applications!   

The following programs are accepting applications:

  • Low Income Public Housing Richland Housing 
  • Rural Development Program (All sites) 
  • Kingwood Commons Affordable Housing
  • Devonshire Apartments 
  • Nonprofits-Sutter Community Affordable Maple Park & Yolo Street Project Based Voucher Programs 

Attention Landords and Participants-Advertising and locating  property has never been easier!!!!

RHASNC has partnered with .    

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For more information see the Landlord or Participant section of our website under programs.


Effictive 7/1/2014, the regulation regarding Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspections has changed. Due to this regulatory change, RHASNC will be inspecting your home every other year rather than annually.  RHASNC does have the ability to inspect your home sooner if needed.  If you need a "special inspection", please contact our inspections department.


Because everyone deserves a home.